Badlands park ranger intimidating techniques

It would be surprising if there was not, sooner or later, a reaction against such activity. What gives people living by capitalist understandings of the world such a determination to reorganize the rest of the world to their understanding?And, what impact does this attempt to reorganize the world have on people living in non-Western regions?When people in other communities are subjected to Western capitalist demands for change, based on very different presumptions about 'objective reality', their understanding of their environment and of themselves in terms of their environment decreasingly 'makes sense'.They lose their sense of identity and self-worth as their indigenous status and prestige systems break down and brutality, despotism and corruption escalate in their communities.Chapter 1: Introduction It is said that the aphorism 'Know Yourself' was inscribed in the forecourt of the Temple of Apollo at Delphi.Finding out who we are can be an unsettling experience.

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This was the century in which they would take responsibility for transforming the rest of the world to live by the reality they now lived in - starting with their own, home grown 'savages'.

Western capitalist nations, over the past several centuries, have attempted to re-organize the world to reflect their understanding of reality.

Although we often fail to recognize it, this requires a far-reaching reorganization of people's lives in non-Western countries.

So, what is it that has produced in Western people such a deep need to dominate and change the world?

Human beings (including members of Western capitalist nations) believe that they interact with 'objective reality', that is, a reality that exists independently of themselves and is perceived in the same way by all human beings.

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